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Euro Shower Doors in Michigan

Some recent installations of Shower Doors

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Our Euro Shower Door Systems Feature 3/8″ thick tempered glass Panels, with minimal amount of supporting hardware. The edges of the Glass are Flat Polished… Which creates a Desired Reflective Gleam…

Our Hardware is Among the Worlds Best Crafted & Manufactured… We Measure each Euro Shower Door to our Required Specifications… Providing our Customers with the Best Desired Application for Functionality, Performance, & Decorum…
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Floating Mirror Installation – Novi MI

Floating Mirror Design and Installation.

Glass that could fall in a bathroom is not a good thing. I would not glue, float, or hang a piece that big without knowing it was well supported somehow.

If you really want to do this, swing by your local glass shop. Tim’s Glass in Novi Michigan provides expert design and installation of floating glass mirrors.

They are accustomed to doing this sort of thing and working with a large piece of glass.

You will probably need to get the edges of the glass finished off too now that they will be exposed so people are not ripping themselves open on the current rough cut edges? Tim’s  glass shop will be able to do this for you.

Floating Mirror Design and Installation. Call Tim’s Glass of Novi-Floating Mirror Expert for your Free Estimate 248-374-8584