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How to install a frameless shower door

One of the most important things to consider when in stalling a shower door is the “TILE WORK”. If this is not done properly,you will be disappointed with the results. One of the most common mistakes I see on a weekly basis is an improper pitch to the tile to keep the water in the shower. I’ve seen beautiful tile work and poor proper pitch to the threshold where the door that we install is “floating”  1/4″ off that tiled curb…..If that “curb or “threshold” is not pitched properly for the water to go back into the shower pan and down the drain and NOT on your floor,having that door installed BEFORE this is addressed is a guaranteed leak out on your floor.Another important part of  installation is making sure you have a solid surface,preferrably a” wood backer” behind the tile to “support” your door whether you are using wall hinges or pivot application.Also, having “plumb and Level” walls will provide a better fit of your door AND inline panel or return panel if needed.Following these steps will give us the best chance of  a proper fit and years of enjoyment of your frameless shower door with STAY CLEAN GLASS using “glassguard” protection. Call us 248-374-8584 …were here for you and your showering experience. Tim